Change Passwords

Message from the District:

In an abundance of caution given recent cyber attacks to local school districts, BCPS Information Technology Division requests that students who have never changed their password from its default, immediately change their password using the attached instructions.

The attached document explains how to safely secure your BCPS password. These instructions are directed URGENTLY to any student who is still using the default initial password with a format of PMM/DD/YYYY. The initial password includes each student’s birthday, and if this has not yet been changed, you must immediately change your password using the attached procedure.  Please note that these instructions apply anytime you wish to change your BCPS online password. For detailed instructions, download the file below.

Download PDF • 438KB

If you feel that your password may have been compromised, if your password uses a piece of public information (such as your school location number), or if you have shared your password with someone other than a parent or guardian, we encourage you to change your password NOW.

For support questions, please contact your school.

We appreciate your patience and partnership through our BCPS eLearning journey.

Thank you, BCPS Information Technology Division

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