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Hi, I‘m Mr. Newman, the advisor of this year’s Westchester Elementary School’s yearbook. As my staff has begun to process how different this year is going to be, someone said, “Oh man, the yearbook is going to be a bummer this year.” We are here to tell you absolutely not - we are not going to let that happen. We know that a lot of the usual school events may not be happening. BUT we will be loading every inch of this book to reflect what IS happening this year. Because it’s going to be so different, it’s more important than ever that we capture this history on our pages - and that’s exactly what the yearbook is. It’s our history book.

You might be wondering how we’re going to do this. Well, you are part of our solution. Every student and parent are now part of our yearbook staff. We need you to be our photographers, especially to help us show what school from home is like. Throughout the year, we will be sending emails about activities and events that are being held. Please help us by taking the photos we ask and sending them to us. We want this book - these pages - to show all of our students.

We have set up a separate gmail account for you to send your photos. Your assignment is to take photos of your child at home during the school hours as well as during their non school hours. Don’t forget doing homework. Check the Westchester Elementary School PTA website and Westchester Elementary School Facebook page for announcements about up and coming activities and events. Send your photos to the gmail account address. The account address is

At present, we are looking for photos of colorful and fun masks being worn by the students. Also, ways that the students assist you at home. Perhaps a birthday celebration. Assisting with laundry or child care. Maybe taking care of their pets? We know this is a very different time, but we feel that we want to have our yearbook express was IS being done as we continue educating our students.

Thank you for helping us make this book awesome, not just for the Class of 2021 but for the whole school. We are up for the challenge, and we will make our school community proud!

The Westchester Yearbook Staff

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