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A Message from Yearbook Staff

Hello to all Westchester families.  We want to thank all the families who purchased yearbooks last year and let you know that our unique yearbook was completely sold


The yearbook staff has already been working on the 2021-2022 yearbook and is very excited about our new design.  We will be able to include many more activities this year since students have returned to school and not on virtual learning.  We will be including as many activities as possible, loading every inch of this book with photos
highlighting the activities.  

The yearbook staff will be in school, periodically, taking photos of the school activities and the students & staff involved. Parents can also contribute, by taking photos of their kids at home getting ready for the activity at school. Ex: wearing their school shirt, putting on crazy colors, wearing a hat, wearing a team shirt, etc. Students and parents are now part of our yearbook staff. We need you to be our additional
photographers. Please help us by taking these photos and sending them to us.

We have set up a separate gmail account for sending your photos. Your assignment is to take photos of your child at home. Check the Westchester Elementary School PTA website and Westchester Elementary PTA Facebook page for announcements about the activities and planned events.


Send your photos to:


Thank you in advance for helping us make the 2021-2022 yearbook awesome!

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